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Industrial Doors

  • Industrial Sectional Doors
  • Roller Shutters
  • Roller Grilles
  • Folding Doors
  • Fire Doors

Industrial doors or hall doors are used in large storage facilities, industrial facilities or in factories - anywhere where you need to close up large openings. Industrial sectional doors or roller shutters are often used for the outside areas of halls. It is important for industrial doors to have a long service life, as they are often part of the production or logistics processes; interrupting either of these processes can be very expensive. Teckentrup industrial doors are convincing due to their extreme robustness and the reliability of their functions.

  • Industrial Sectional Door "SW 40"
  • Industrial Sectional Door "SL 40"
  • Industrial Sectional Door "SLW 80"
  • Industrial Sectional Door "SLX 40"
  • Industrial Sectional Door "SLW 40"
  • Industrial Sectional Door "SL 80"
  • Industrial Sectional Door "SW 80"

Sectional Doors

The various basic door types together with a whole host of design possibilities make Teckentrup sectional doors flexible enough to meet most requirements. In addition to space-saving, vertical guide rail systems, the sectional door system is characterized by its low-noise operation, robust surfaces and design diversity. Attractive glazing elements and easy-to-integrate side and wicket doors ensure that most requirements can be met. Intelligent product optimization ensures that installation of our doors is fast and simple, without having to compromise on proven quality. Numerous prefabricated parts reduce the installation time, prevent errors and increase efficiency.


  • Roller Shutter
  • Roller Grilles
  • Roller Shutter "easy"
  • High-speed Roller Door

Roller Shutters

The simple, robust and flexible design featuring a door curtain that winds up very tightly is suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether they are installed outside or inside, laterally or overhead due to reduced space, Teckentrup roller shutters are suitable for any structural situation. The optical impression given by the doors of industrial production halls is of great importance and can even be seen as the perfect medium for communicating a company’s corporate design. The wide range of colours available from Teckentrup allows planners and architects to be highly creative, to carry out their individual visions and to adapt doors to the architecture of an existing facade.


  • Technical Details

Technical Details

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Also folding doors

Up to a maximum width of 16 m, Teckentrup folding doors are used in large maintenance areas, depots, appliance rooms or vehicle depots. Specially designed doors for the fire service, have electrical drives and a quick unlocking system which is particularly useful for situations where the doors need to open quickly

Also fire doors

The range of fire doors includes sliding doors and sectional doors that have been tested for their fire resistant or fire-proof qualities in accordance with EN 1634-1 (DIN 4102).

Comfortable operation

State-of-the-art drive and control systems are perfectly harmonized to guarantee easy assembly and programming. Manually operated doors are factory pre-equipped for electric drives for quick and easy retrofitting.